Same reaction I had when I first heard about it.

Anyone can equate cardiology with the heart, nephrology with the kidneys and endocrinology with diabetes, thyroid conditions, etc. But what is rheumatology? In local parlance, the word we frequently use is “rayuma”. While many may split hairs over the difference of rayuma vis-a-vis arthritis, the original concept pertains to anything that may present with joint pains. In fact, there are 100 forms of arthritis and another 100 types of soft tissue rheumatism – both of which fall under rheumatis. Rheumatologist (or, if you prefer, rayuma-tologists), can help you whenever you have joint pains.

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About My Work

bataan-46-2.jpg.jpegCall me Doctor Sids. I’m a board-certified Internist- Rheumatologist. I’m currently acting Training Officer at the Department of Internal Medicine, East Avenue Medical Center. AND the Training Officer of the Section of Rheumatology in the same institution.

Educating colleagues, future colleagues and patients. I’m a Bloggero-wannabe. #PhRheuma on the Web. I’m also on-BOARD – being the Secretary of the Philippine Rheumatology Association (PRA) at the moment.

#MedEd #PatientEd #SoMe enthusiast.

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My Story So Far

cropped-1610056_10203286749359980_1303018355_n4.jpgI was frequently tasked to monitor medical students back in residency – clerks’ monitor during my second year and interns’ monitor during my senior year. And during one of those monitor-related activities, I was threatened by a consultant with a REPEAT ROTATION since I wasn’t with her fellows when she saw me. She felt I wasn’t immersed in my rotation then and that I was accommodating too many stuff in my schedule. Guess what that rotation was. Yep, it was RHEUMATOLOGY.