About My Work

bataan-46-2.jpg.jpegCall me Doctor Sids. I’m a board-certified Internist- Rheumatologist. I’m currently acting Training Officer at the Department of Internal Medicine, East Avenue Medical Center. AND the Training Officer of the Section of Rheumatology in the same institution.

Educating colleagues, future colleagues and patients. I’m a Bloggero-wannabe. #PhRheuma on the Web. I’m also on-BOARD – being the Secretary of the Philippine Rheumatology Association (PRA) at the moment.

#MedEd #PatientEd #SoMe enthusiast.

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The PRA Website (www.rheumatology.org.ph)

The PRA Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/PhilRheuma)


I am part of the speakers bureau for Pfizer (Celebrex, Lyrica) and a previous member of the speakers bureau for Menarini (Ketesse) and Ajanta Pharma (Atenurix). I had received support from Pfizer, Roche and Ajanta Pharma. I was previously involved in clinical trials for Roche, Wyeth and Janssen  from 2007-2012.