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Call me Doctor Sids when you meet me in the clinic. Rheumatologist. Internist. Educating colleagues and patients. Certified Tor-Mentor. Mentor-wannabe. Bloggero-wannabe. #PhRheuma on the Web. I just happen to be Board Secretary of the Philippine Rheumatology Association (PRA) at the moment #MedEd #PatientEd #SoMe enthusiast.

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I am currently part of the speakers bureau for Pfizer (Celebrex, Lyrica) and a previous member of the speakers bureau for Menarini (Ketesse) and Ajanta Pharma (Atenurix). I had received support from Pfizer, Roche and Ajanta Pharma. I was previously involved in clinical trials for Roche, Wyeth and Janssen  from 2007-2012.