The 12th Dr. Lourdes Manahan Lectures in Rheumatology

I remember being the fellow in charge of the 4th Dr. Lourdes Manahan Lectures in Rheumatology way back in 2007. It always proves to be a wonderful session discussing the latest and more relevant topics in rheumatology. Always a nice venue to learn and somehow brings back old memories as a medical student, medical resident and a fellow in training.

This year’s theme is “Sports, Lifestyle and Arthritis in the Young”. And in a new twist, two junior colleagues (Dr. Ging Racaza and Dr. Angeline Santiago) and an invited physiatrist (Dr’ Angeline’s hubby – Dr Don Santiago) will be in a panel discussion on “The Fit MDs”. If you’ve met these three, you’ll have no doubt that they ARE some of the best panelist on being fit.

Please coordinate with the UP PGH Section of Rheumatology for further details and head count.


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