Novel Targets in Osteoarthritis Treatment

I’m not a fan of osteoarthritis topics. As my mentor frequently tells us, osteoarthritis is joint failure. And what else can you do when something has given up?

Well, this talk made me realize that all is not lost for osteoarthritis. We’re gradually moving away from addressing the problem after hallmark features of joint failure have set in and attempting to catch patients just when the joint compensatory mechanisms start failing. Science is trying to do something before eventual failure sets in. Well, maybe not yet — as my summary slide proves. BUT AT LEAST, we’re trying to get there.

The above slide set was used in a special interest group (SIG) meeting held last November. Attendees were rheumatologists and rheumatology-trainees (which made it the more challenging).


Author: Sids Manahan MD 🇵🇭

Rheumatology. Internal Medicine. Educating Patients and Colleagues. Curating Rheumatology. Bloggero-Wanabe.

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