Gout Guidelines – What’s Up?

Gout was where my love for rheumatology started. Among all forms of arthritis, gout is the most rewarding to treat. Given proper treatment, patients can live symptom free. And besides, my first foray into summarizing evidence in rheumatology came in the form of the local practice guidelines for gout released in 2008 (published in no less than the Philippine Journal of Internal Medicine).

Well, last #PRA2015 (Sorry, couldn’t break the habit), I was given the task of revisiting recommendations made in the practice guidelines.  I thought of comparing our 2008 paper to that of the American College of Rheumatology recommendations in 2012 and the 3E (Evidence, Expertise and Exchange) Initiative in 2014 and seeing whether changes in practice are already in order.

As a side note, after giving my talk, no less that THE Professor Tito P. Torralba told me I did a good job (Yes! I’m a fan-boy). Well, just proves that we JUNIOR rheumatologists have a place in this world. Hehehe 🙂

#PRA2015 was the 21st Annual Meeting (ergo, convention) of the Philippine Rheumatology Association. Theme was “Looking Back, Moving Forward”. My talk was part of the pre-convention activities – and even if not part of the formal proceedings, still had 150+ people attending.


Author: Sids Manahan MD 🇵🇭

Rheumatology. Internal Medicine. Educating Patients and Colleagues. Curating Rheumatology. Bloggero-Wanabe.

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