PRA Holds Its 20th as It Celebrates Its 49th!

There are two EQUALLY important things to celebrate this week and it was kind of a challenge coming up with the title. But to clear things up:

FIRST. My reaction when I opened Facebook was, “Are you sure it’s the PRA’s birthday or is it just the birthday of one of the Facebook Page Admins?”(I don’t think Dr. Penserga is an admin, she’s much older than that!) Well, I got my answer this evening. The Philippine Rheumatology Association (PRA) celebrates its 49th year of existence today, February 5. Founded in 1964, the PRA is now a 100+ strong group comprised of rheumatologists, rheumatologists-in-training, and other physicians with special interests in the  rheumatic conditions (physiatrists, orthopedic surgeons, generalists, etc.).

Although, it’s swell that the group’s been around that long, but I’m really looking forward to next year as we celebrate our 50th year with a BANG! So as not to preempt further announcements, the clues why next year will be a blast: APLAR, PRA, Cebu. (Such a giveaway! I know, right?) And if you don’t believe me, direct your web browsers to this site so you can already mark your calendars.

SECOND. The PRA will be holding its 20th Annual Meeting (a.k.a. Convention) at the Taal Vista Hotel, Tagaytay from February 8-9, 2013. This year’s theme is “Treating to Target in Rheumatology: The Filipino Way”. There will be an interesting pre-convention workshop on the afternoon of February 7, also at the Taal Vista Hotel. Some of you may have already seen the newspaper advertisement over the weekend announcing the activity.




But for those wondering what topics will be presented/ covered, here’s a run down of presentations and our speakers.








After the Lunch Symposia on February 9, a research paper presentation to be organized by the PRA Research Committee will follow.

If you’ve noticed, the topics for the Lunch/ Dinner Symposia have been left out as these are industry-sponsored activities. So up to know, only the organizers are aware of what will be presented and who will be speaking during those times. Unfortunately, Phil Rheuma Jr is not a OrComm member.

For members of the PRA, the remainder of February 9 will be spent on the Annual Business Meeting and the Fellowship Night.


Author: Sids Manahan MD 🇵🇭

Rheumatology. Internal Medicine. Educating Patients and Colleagues. Curating Rheumatology. Bloggero-Wanabe.

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